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Riverdog Moving FAQs

Do you have any inquiries regarding your move? Do you wish to learn more about the offerings of Riverdog Moving? You've come to the correct place!


What time of day is best to plan a move?

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If the weather is important to you, we advise scheduling your move for the summer.
We advise planning a move during the winter months if you want to move for the least amount of money possible.

Do you provide moving insurance?

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Depending on the size and distance of the transfer, Rivedog will present you with insurance choices. This will give you comfort in knowing that, should your possessions sustain damage during the transfer, you will be fairly compensated.

Why go with Riverdog?

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We have years of experience in the moving industry and we employ the best crews of any company in the area. Before they join our team, our crew members undergo extensive training and screening. Additionally, we are the only company in the area that cares for each delivery as if it were our own move.

What are you prohibited from moving?

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Any kind of drug, biohazardous objects and poisons, stolen and illegal goods, perishable, ecologically hazardous, or explosive goods, as well as weapons and firearms.